UPDATE | WP2 – Inventory of crop nutrition decision-making tools

The Nutri-Check Net project aims to find tools and information that help NP fertilization efficiency throughout Europe, and to make this available through a freely accessible online platform. In work package 2, we focus on searching and collating relevant information for the platform. The initial version of the inventory has been finalized and is being uploaded to the NCN platform.

So far, we have managed to take inventory of 11 national recommendation systems, 700+ projects and research studies, and over 300 commercial tools and services. Not all were equally relevant, but many technologies are represented. Additionally, many countries share similar tools and technologies, albeit supplied by different institutes or companies. Recipes for success might be similar, but the packaging can be quite diverse.

On the other hand, there is a clear distinction in the sophistication of tools available to farmers from different EU regions. It clearly shows that there is much improvement to be gained from making all this information widely available so that a farmer in Greece can access similar information as a Dutch farmer.