NUTRI-CHECK NET Crop Nutrition Club Focuses on Grain Analysis for 2023 Success | CNC East Summary

Members of the NUTRI-CHECK NET Crop Nutrition Club recently gathered in Nottinghamshire to meet with esteemed ADAS Crop Physiologists, Sarah Kendall, Despina Berdeni, and Roger Sylvester-Bradley.

The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the triumphs of their nutrient management practices in 2023 and explore the most effective measurements and monitoring methods to gauge success.

During this insightful discussion, members unanimously agreed that grain analysis stood out as the ultimate metric, allowing for accurate estimation of nutrient offtakes. The farmers emphasized the importance of creating a comprehensive database of grain analysis results spanning multiple fields and seasons as a valuable tool for assessing the outcomes of nutrient management decisions. However, they also acknowledged the time constraints that can hinder data assimilation and conclusive insights.

One key takeaway from the meeting was the notion that, while it can be challenging to pinpoint specific conclusions regarding nutrient management, yield remains the metric most closely associated with success in the eyes of many farmers.