UPDATE | WP1 – Stakeholder Engagement

We are delighted to invite you to the upcoming Nutri-Check online Workshop on November 6, 2024. This event aims to unite experts and stakeholders from across Europe to explore and enhance nutrient assessment tools and methodologies.

This year, the Nutri-Check Workshop will center around the innovative 3-step checking approach to nutrition management. Through a combination of presentations and group work, participants will get the opportunity to engage interactively and deepen their understanding of nutrient tools designed to support farmers in various aspects of plant nutrient management.

In addition, the meeting will include an update on the National Expert Group (NEG) activities taking place in each partner country. This session will provide valuable insights into the various initiatives and progress made by the NEG in each region and review experiences and key learnings from the national NEG summer meetings.

We look forward to your participation in this insightful and collaborative workshop. Your input and expertise are invaluable as we work together to improve nutrient assessment tools across Europe.