NUTRI-CHECK NET Project Showcased at AHDB Strategic Farm North Field Day

The NUTRI-CHECK NET project was demonstrated by Kate Storer from ADAS at the AHDB Strategic Farm North Field Day on Tuesday, June 6, 2024. The AHDB Strategic Farms Field Days are popular events, and despite wet weather, there were over 70 local farmers, agronomists, scientists, and industry representatives in attendance.

The 3-step approach to nutrient management developed in the NUTRI-CHECK NET project was well received. Attendees agreed that although many farmers are good at ‘planning’ their nutrient management for the season, it’s less frequent for the ‘check & adjust’ and ‘review’ steps to be carried out.

Following an hour of networking with attendees and fellow exhibitors, the host farmer, Dave Blacker, provided an update on the farm’s progress this year. After a very wet winter, the trials on drainage and nutrient management were particularly relevant.

Attendees were then taken out into the field to three demonstration areas, where they learned about the farm trials, including some on nutrient use efficiency. These demonstrations included examples of the 3-step approach, with presentations of in-season data on leaf nutrient content and the use of the Yara N-tester to ‘check & adjust’ their nutrient management plan. It was also noted that there are plans for grain analysis at the end of the year to ‘review’ progress.

Overall, it was great to see effective examples of the 3-step approach already in use.

Watch below some photos of the field day: