NUTRI-CHECK NET project has just reached 18 Months and the work continues!

The NUTRI-CHECK NET project is kept on working and today on the 18-month meeting, we are discussing the ways to deal with crop management practices across the EU. This project is building farm-level adoption of best field-specific nutrient management practices across Europe, tailored to optimise the use of nutrients in staple crops such as potato, maize, and wheat.

A key component of this project is the analysis of inputs’ management, such as fertilisers and water, to ensure that crops receive the precise nutrients required for optimal growth. The strategy includes detailed monitoring and analysis to fine-tune the application of these inputs, thereby reducing waste and minimising environmental impact.

A survey was conducted across farmers to understand how do farms currently measure success, and the results are explained in the graphs below, where is easily understandable that crop yields and visual appearance of crops are the most important factors to judge this success.

Crop nutrition clubs (CNCs) with farmers were established across the 9 partners countries of the Consortium, and now a range of relevant decision support tools and innovations is being evaluated and tested by the CNCs.

The outputs of this project are expected to be substantial, and the NUTRI-CHECK NET platform is online, with an inventory of recommendation systems, available tools and services and research projects, that will help farmers to decide on different nutrient management systems.

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Also, the National Expert Groups (NEGs) are working to identify farmers’ needs & stakeholders’ drivers in each of the partners countries, and at the end of the project these groups will help to co-create Best Practices on nutrient management.

With this approach NUTRI-CHECK NET is aiming to establish a self-sustaining, multi-actor, thematic network which will improve the precision of crop nutrition across Europe by compiling nutrition decision tools, promoting farm-by-farm nutrient checking, and facilitating knowledge exchange amongst all relevant stakeholders.

By improving the efficiency of nutrient use and reducing environmental losses, NUTRI-CHECK NET is set to deliver long-term benefits for both farmers and the wider ecosystem. Widespread adoption of ‘measure to-manage’ or ‘check-to-change’ approaches to crop nutrition will enhance nutrient recycling and crop productivity, whilst reducing synthetic fertiliser use and nutrient losses across Europe. This project exemplifies the potential of modern agriculture to balance productivity with environmental stewardship.