CNC Scotland | 27th May 2024

The third in-person CNC meeting took place at Treaton Farm, part of Balbirnie Farms, Fife. During the meeting, the tools currently aiding in nutrient management were reviewed, and the progress made so far this season was assessed. The group ventured out to the grazed winter wheat plots, observing the significant impact grazing had on crop development, stature, and disease pressure. While inspecting the crops, they compared the color differences with a neighboring field and discussed lodging risks. The in-field N-Tester indicated a need for an additional 80-100 kg/ha of nitrogen, which David agreed to test on one tramline.

A new member, Michael Brewis, was welcomed to the Scottish group. He has kindly agreed to share 3-4 years of his crop monitoring data. This led to a discussion on optimizing crop nutrients to minimize disease, which has continued in the group chat, fueled by various research papers. Additionally, questions about managing high magnesium soils and the role of gypsum were addressed.

The meeting concluded with an agreement to hold monthly virtual meetings to continue discussions on nutrient management and crop development.